Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I've Been Tilley Faced!

I'm not sure if Tilley Faced is actually a verb or not, but whatever it is, I am very excited about it!

I have this friend named David Tilley. DT for short. I met him as a freshman when he was a junior and would always admire his fantastic graphic design goodness plastered all over Trinity's campus. I also was on the improv team with him for awhile and could not even take his hilarity. The guy is super tall, has a distinctive head of hair, and drives around a moped scooter (at least he did in college...maybe he's more grown up these days...I'll have to ask).

He is also quite the creative, and has his own entrepreneurial things going on. One of them is his company called Tilley Face, which is essentially a face illustration company. Needless to say, I was tickled pink when he showed me my very own Tilley Face for my blog header and whatever else I would use it for. I gotta say, he's got me pegged, all the way down to the eyebrow piercing, awk smile, and freckles. What do you think of the resemblance? I'm having a small geeky party over here in my apartment for this big new thing for my blog. I suggest you throw yourself a small party and click on his company's name above to see more of his work. Chewy happens to be my fave.


Thanks, DT!

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