Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stitch Fixer Upper

I just wanted a reason to reference my #relationshipgoals couple, Chip and Jojo, with the title for this one. WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE CHIP AND JOJO?! But this has nothing to do with my latest unhealthy addiction to HGTV interest in their TV show. Let's move on to the real stuff here. You guys, I did Stitch Fix!


Thanks to Alex and Heidi and a cool Christmas gift idea, I got to experience Stitch Fix for the first time this past month. Here's the deal: You are assigned a stylist, whose job it is to give you clothes that you love. You click through a bunch of pictures to show them what kind of outfit would be your thing, you give them all of your sizes, and schedule for your box to arrive. Then BOOM on that day a box of brand new clothes that you like and fit into are waiting to be opened. It was like Christmas on January 21st! (Which, let me tell you, is something. Because January is a hard month to be a teacher. Christmas break is painfully over! Spring break is so far away! Testing is happening! Indoor recess! Germs! Report cards! Agh!) Let's just say it's a good time to get a little dose of retail therapy.

You only keep what you like, you only pay for what you keep, and you mail back the rest in a prepaid bag. The only time where you would pay for stuff you didn't buy is if you decide to send EVERYTHING back, in which case they charge you 20 bucks for the trouble of your stylist's time. So basically, you should resolve to keep at least one thing.

Now, word to the wise: unless you have a million dollars, don't go too crazy on Stitch Fix. I could see it being a huge money drain for our budget if I did this each month. When setting up your preferences, you have the ability to set a price range, but even at the cheapest possible setting, my pieces averaged 50 - 60 bucks. That's fine for a quality item! But it's just not plausible for me to be spending $250 on dress up in addition to everything else each month...that is if you would keep all the clothes sent in the box. Just something to think about. However, you can set the box to arrive however often or seldom you would prefer. I did a one-time box in January, with plans to maybe do a Stitch Fix box 3 times a year or so, to freshen up my closet when the seasons change or if I've been saving and feel like I want a treat. This is a better system for me than 12 times a year, in which case Brian would have to sit me down and just take. away. the. credit. card.

With that disclaimer in mind, I loved it! There were items in there that I would definitely pick out on my own while shopping - and I love them because I won't be wearing the same things as everyone else I see roaming the halls at school. The brands are somewhat obscure, which I appreciate as I tend to nest in Loft, H/M, Target, Anthro sale rack, and GAP and never leave. It broadened my horizons a bit.

SO. You ready to see the winners? (Don't look to closely at my dirty mirror or messy hair or anything else one can be judged for):

The sleeves are made of sweatshirt material so my shoulders fit! Rare find!

I like my work clothes to resemble pajamas as closely as possible.

Seems like a normal black sweater....

....but it had this cool slit all the way up the side. I dig it. 

...andddd the losers! Here are the two pieces I sent back. The plaid shirt was sent back because it was too tight on top and the button was sort of pulling because it was struggling to stay buttoned. NEVER IN MY LIFE has a shirt fit me in the shoulders and not fit me in the bust. THANKS SHIRT for making me feel very voluptuous! But sorry, totes inapprop. The yellow pants were sent back because although they felt like velvety heaven when I pulled them on, they were just a leeeeeettle too pastel. A leeeetttlee too close to a skin tone color. I did a double take to my own reflection in the mirror because at first glance it looked like I wasn't wearing any pants. Can't be having people think I'm not wearing pants. That's a deal breaker. All I had to do for these two pieces was to seal them up, drop the package off at our school's business office, and voila. Done.


Wanna try it? Check it out: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/5084387