Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Catching Up

I've been avoiding writing. Any other person who writes tells me that they do this too; they also weirdly avoid the very thing that they are good at. The very thing that clears my head demands so much of my energy to produce a mindless, tiny amount. Ack! I've definitely struggled with that this year. It's not that I don't have a lot to say, or that a lot isn't going on in my life, or that God isn't moving, but I kind of buckle underneath the effort that it takes. I think a lot of that energy and anxiety comes from the pressure of the need to have writing be good. Now, I suppose that I want to write well. But I don't want to avoid acting for fear of not acting perfectly. So this post is the act of me just writing to catch up and break the non-writing funk I have going currently. Here are a few pictures from this winter that have stuck out to me.


Ah, Dad. What a guy. Living in the Chicago area has its beautiful moments, but I miss my parents, man! This is from a weekend in December when they came to church and then out to brunch. I cherish those days. 


Okay my kids rock. So much so that they are moved to tears by how much they love to read. It's moving, really. 


Well aren't we just full of Christmas cheer! This was the day before break and I died laughing. 


Brian and I, back at the scene of the crime. Here we're standing on the very spot where we made our wedding vows to each other about 18 months ago. 


Annnnd this. Oh people. Vote for someone, just not for Donald Trump. And stop being weird about it on Facebook. Please and thanks. 

There you have it, guys! I did it! I blogged! Ah. I feel better already.